Authentic Southern Thai Cuisine Under Noses in Westwood California

The latest discovery of this hidden Southern Thai gem in Los Angeles tucked away and often unvisited college town, Westwood, delivers a good value with an uncompromising taste. A must visit no matter the weather in Los Angeles, hot or hotter, Emporium Thai Cuisine is a must visit.


After moving to Los Angeles in 1990, brother John Sungkamee began working in the hospitality industry and through this, he found in passion for food. In 2000, he opened his first restaurant, Emporium Thai Cuisine, in an effort to bring all the Sungkamee brothers and sisters together to showcase their culinary background and to share their native Southern Thai cooking with all of Los Angeles. The oldest brother, Tui Sungkamee, became the original chef and was later joined by his sister Gina Sungkamee in 2003 and brother Jead Sungkamee in 2005. The oldest sister Jazz Singsanong worked the Front of House, making Emporium Thai Cuisine truly a family run business.


In 2006, John and Chef Tui took over Jitlada on Sunset from its former owner and started to focus more heavily on native Southern Thai as it is located in the heart of Thai Town, Hollywood. John and Chef Tui started to develop Jitlada’s exclusive menu, bringing in authentic Southern Thai dishes from the Sungkamee’s hometown – a cuisine that is very rare and hard to find in Los Angeles. Sister Jazz decided to leave Emporium Thai Cuisine to join her brothers and help run Jitlada.


Today, eight Sungkamee brothers and sisters live in the US. You can find them at Jitlada on Sunset, at Emporium Thai Cuisine in Westwood, and at Happy Sushi and Thai in North Miami, Florida.


Being voted one of the Top 100 Best Thai Restaurants in the USA for 7 years and counting, Emporium Thai Cuisine’s success continues to be a result of the relationships with their guests and equally their authentic Southern Thai recipes. At Emporium Thai Cuisine, John and Chef Gina make every effort to give impeccable service to all guests in a relaxed and family friendly environment.


Offering an extensive menu that is practically an encyclopedia of Thai and Southern Thai cooking, most of the dishes are packed with enough heat to make you sweat. Can’t take the spice? No worries as Emporium Thai Cuisine offers a “spicy scale” allowing guests to choose their liking on a scale of 1-10, with 3 being moderate and 10 being fiercely fiery. Executive chef and sister Gina Sungkamee takes curry to another level by whipping up her own specialty combining over 10 of the freshest tropical herbs and making it one of the most sought after dishes in Los Angeles.


ith award winning must try dishes such as the Crying Tiger Beef, Coco Mango Salad, and Spicy Mussels Soup, the authentic Southern cooking at Emporium Thai Cuisine will steal your heart and make you want more. The number of regulars that walk through the door and their unbridled devotion to the Emporium Thai Cuisine and John for over 14 years, shows that the restaurant is doing something right. Besides the regulars, don’t be surprised to rub shoulders with celebs such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lamar Odom and Sara Paxton sinking into the seats of the restaurant’s warm interior designed by two-time Emmy Winning set designer Peter Gurski.

The Emporium Thai Cuisine’s history overflows with family and guest experiences alike all igniting the soul of a restaurant that has flourished in Los Angeles while staying true to its original purpose: To share the families love of authentic Southern Thai cuisine with Angelenos and beyond. Don’t delay. Make your reservation TODAY!!!

Trestles’ Table

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